Fund Commentary (Feb. 2014)

adaws eagle fund commentaryIt was a rough month due to the relentless push higher, even though the economy is still in a very bad shape, and the elevated tensions between Russia and the Ukraine.

This month is predominantly a paper loss as many positions haven't yet been closed out. There is still some buffer of safety in current positions before any alert signals sound for them to be closed out.

February Trades

  • One position rolled, and then ultimately closed for a 9% loss.
  • One position rolled, and then ultimately closed for a 5% loss.
  • One position closed for a 6% loss.
  • One position closed for a 0.2% profit.
  • One hedged position closed for a 4% profit.
  • One position closed for a 7% profit.
  • Three new positions opened, with one being a hedge.

Market Update

The month of February saw some wild swings in the markets. When things move to extremes so quickly, it can be tough to deal with. Some volatility is welcomed, but whether you get these huge moves correct or not, you're faced with having to make major decisions very frequently.

There is no place to hide as yields are still very low all around. So onward we go and upward in the markets as well despite a shaky economy?

The broad weight of the evidence shows the strength of the market's rally continues to fade. The percentage of S&P 500 members above their 200-day moving average, 10-day moving average, and at new yearly highs have indicated the reverse in equity strength has started to occur.

Our portfolio is strategically placed to profit from a market decline. The S&P 500 made a new intraday high of 1867.92 on February 28th, though closed well off the highs, and is within 10 points of heavy resistance.

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