War – A Great Distraction

War makes people and nations do funny things, and not as in ha ha funny.

Over the past few days and weeks, the stock market in the U.S. has drifted north, all while growing ever complacent and lacking any real volatility.

The Fed press conference yesterday just parrots what Ben Bernanke said in years past...

let's "sort of" stay the course and by the way, let's project the future expectation of growth (all without giving any real examples of how).

Now, this being said, it's not to say that our government would quietly manufacture a war to stimulate the market, but don't put it past them either. I'm not even connecting the Fed to this. I'm just saying we love a distraction.

We have alliances in powerful people and places across the world, propping up governments and economies.

  • Why are we chumming up with Iran at this point in our history? Because of concerns over Iraq and the influence of ISIS?
  • Why did we buddy with Iraq back in 1979? To support their war against Iran?

We all know the answer and yet we act as if this sort of mongering isn't done anymore... simply, a "we are past that part of our evolution as a nation."

Them Be Lies, My Friend

Evidence is growing in the latest war machine growth, concerning the Ukraine.

Europe and our allies are in a bad spot concerning an increase in terrorism and its influence on the continent, coming from Iraq and Syria.

The question if President Obama will send our soldiers to secure a safer Iraq is a point of concern today as the stock market slowly drifts north... making fewer number of new 52-week highs.

Iraq ISIM 2014

Keep An Eye On What Matters

Now, I'm not suggesting that all war or terrorist concerns are under the control of the U.S. government, or the Illuminati, or some other nebulous agency in a far off land, hidden in the deepest bunkers. I am saying that wars and skirmishes across the world are perfect distractions from other issues that should hold precedence.

I do suggest questioning everything and keeping a mindful eye on the markets, your money and the future of your country. There is a lot at stake here, and it's ramping up. Greed is driving the car.

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