What Does Success Mean

Today is a new day. June 6th, 2014. In so many ways, it's nothing "special," per se. It's just a new day.

However, if you were to chart your life's path, you'd see all sorts of peaks and valleys. Today may be the start of an upswing, or it may be a downswing. You may be at the top of your proverbial mountain, or it might feel like you've fallen into a crevasse. Life does that to you.

Assuming you don't feel great about where you are at the moment, the question might be:

How do successful people live their lives different from you? What do they owe to their successes?

That said, my question to you is what does success mean?

For the majority of my life, success was defined monetarily. I'm an American. I was born in the States in 1966, into a conservative, hard working family. My parents knew the value of work, and they knew commitment. Because nothing in life is static, we moved a lot during the first 17 years of my life. My father's business was greatly impacted by the automobile import markets of Japan. As we moved from location to location, I learned a valuable social skill: The ability to manage my life, my position in it, and the roster of business partners and friends.

As I grew in skillset and continued to move to different locations around the world, eventually marrying and having children, I can say with confidence that the ability to communicate with strangers was the key to my survival. I'd go farther and say that it guaranteed my success.

Life Is All About Position Management

When something goes askew, you need to quickly make a choice that evens you out, either economically or socially.

If a friend betrays you, retreat to those that care for you and are not quick to judge.

If you lose money in an investment, don't let the loss own you. As an example, I started out in the music business in 1980 and ended up in the financial business in 2003. That's a significant period of time to adjust, but I could have spent the remainder of my life attempting something I wasn't built for, convincing myself and others to stay the course. The author Seth Godin describes it as The Dip.

The Dip Amazon Book

As we all know, there are no guarantees, except death, taxes and change. In life and business, losses will occur. How you manage your life and emotions when it happens is the key to continuing on the right path. Your path.

So, Where Do You Go From Here?

What can you learn from my life story to generate happiness in yours? Feel free to message me or call me. I'm always open to helping people. You do not have to invest your money with my company. You don't have to buy a product I sell. You just have to have the courage to know you don't know everything and that others can fill in the blanks for you. Heck, I may call you someday, looking for the same thing.



  1. Excellent observations there Rob. Haven’t read The Dip, but looks like a very insightful read.

    Today’s world is full of challenges, failures, successes, and forks in the road. Which direction to take should be decided by one’s passion I believe. If you’re passionate about something, and it pays the bills, then success is all the more easier.

    Thanks for pep talk.

  2. When things are tough and you are discouraged, and the negative voices in your head are running rampage, that is the time that you are poised for a breakthrough. You can either create your own future or be ruled by the chains of the past.

  3. Something I’d heard recently in regards to difficulties was this little nugget from a video game blog:

    When things go well and all of a sudden they become difficult, just remember that you must have leveled up.

    A bit silly, but very true as well.

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