Just Who Is Hoarding All This Gold?

It's time to put gold back on the radar.

There is a "sea change" in the gold landscape. Central banks are literally hoarding the metal. A less centralized gold supply will no doubt secure more economies in the event of another economic crisis.

  • 166 metric tons of gold left the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in 2014.
  • Central banks became net gold buyers in 2010, now it's a matter of repatriating the supply.
  • Russia has been buying gold for 9 straight months as it competes against US sanctions.
  • China's new bullion vault will hold twice the country's demand for the precious metal.
  • The European Central Bank commenced buying 60 billion euros worth of bonds on January 22, 2015.

IMF data shows that while central banks all over the world are increasing gold reserves, the emerging markets show the largest increases. Countries like Kazakhstan, Ecuador and Belarus show December increases in their reserves, as published by the Wall Street Journal.

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