Twitter Bungles Q1 Disappointments

TWTR plummets 19%+ in a reporting storm of poor results.

If you are long Twitter, I'm sorry. On the other hand, any company losing $6 billion in market capitalization in a few hours may be the buy of a lifetime - if you are a believer.


  • Twitter Q1 earnings report published an hour early - during market hours.
  • @TwitterIR "investigating the source of the leak".
  • Direct Response Advertising (DRA) challenges prompt acquisition of TellApart, Inc.
  • Decelerating ad engagement and disappointing strategic outcomes lead to epic sell-off.

Early (i.e., accidental) reporting has a sporadic but strangely frequent history in the market. A few notable instances include Microsoft, HP, Disney and Google.

>> Full article over at SeekingAlpha.

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