Billions Pouring into Bitcoin’s Blockchain Economics

More customers are getting comfortable using the digital currency, and the market reflects that as some of the largest multinationals integrate their systems to service Bitcoin users.


  • will issue a $25 million bond on Bitcoin.
  • Financial institutions are turning blockchain technology into their own personal auditing system.
  • Crypto-currency skeptics believe there are critical flaws that will keep Bitcoin from taking off.
  • NASDAQ and the NYSE believe the open source blockchain technology will provide increased "security and transparency" to securities exchanges. is the latest in a long line of businesses finding a place at the Bitcoin (XBT) table. From exchanges all over the world to innovative start-ups, Bitcoins prevalence in the global economy is growing by the day.

Is Bitcoin a challenge to the fiat model, or will Bitcoin's inherent challenges prevent the digital currency from gaining currency market share?

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