Russia and China Best of Buddies

China and Russia stand to gain significantly from a prolonged partnership in modern global economic headwinds.


  • Nuclear icebreakers are putting Russia in command of Northern Sea trade.
  • US media beating the war drum over China’s military constructions in the South China Sea.
  • Russia and China cooperating to reduce its reliance on the Eurozone.
  • Low approval of US in Pakistan creates big opportunity for China in the Middle East.

Moscow and Beijing are strengthening their alliance as global tensions escalate, and new iterations of global coalitions take center stage.

Apparent currency wars and economic sparring have changed the political landscape in Europe and Eurasia; and both China and Russia are re-negotiating their multilateral quid-pro-quos for the long haul.

Even more immediate to Russia's shift towards allegiances with Asian powers is the complicated geopolitical tension over the Ukraine. To boot, CNN has suggested there is cause for US concern over China's military construction in the South China Sea (who should be more concerned is unclear).

BRICS Leaders

Clearing the Road Ahead

China and Russia have been at the forefront of Eurasian development for years. Notably, each country has taken a role in the development of infrastructure, trade and investment between Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

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