Excellence in Flexible Investment Opportunities

Another welcomed award, this time being recognized as a fund offering flexible investment opportunities.

The last thing we want to do is treat our clients as a number. As there are horses for courses, so too do investors have different needs. We understand this, hence offering flexible terms to our clients. This award rings home to our core beliefs, where one size does not fit all.

A real honor to receive this award. Thank you CORPORATELiveWire!

global fund award

Best Wealth Creation Firm

We've just been awarded "Best Wealth Creation Firm" for 2015 by CORPORATELiveWire.

Thanks everyone for the vote. It's been a turbulent year, and we are clearly out performing the S&P500 in returns for 2015.
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Billions Pouring into Bitcoin’s Blockchain Economics

More customers are getting comfortable using the digital currency, and the market reflects that as some of the largest multinationals integrate their systems to service Bitcoin users.


  • Overstock.com will issue a $25 million bond on Bitcoin.
  • Financial institutions are turning blockchain technology into their own personal auditing system.
  • Crypto-currency skeptics believe there are critical flaws that will keep Bitcoin from taking off.
  • NASDAQ and the NYSE believe the open source blockchain technology will provide increased "security and transparency" to securities exchanges.

Overstock.com is the latest in a long line of businesses finding a place at the Bitcoin (XBT) table. From exchanges all over the world to innovative start-ups, Bitcoins prevalence in the global economy is growing by the day.
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Japan’s GDP Needs Stronger Consumer Spending

Japan's latest GDP report suggests that Abenomics has done wonders to turn around Japan's disappointing 2014.


  • Japan's Q1 2015 economic numbers blow past prior estimates.
  • A 3% increase in the national sales tax may weigh heavily on Q2 and Q3 GDP.
  • Japanese yen trust (FXY) down 18% year over year, leading export growth.
  • Economics Minister Akira Amari says any unexpected moves in FX rates are not desirable, but financial markets will signal fundamental strength.

The world's third largest economy experienced its second straight expansion from quarter to quarter on data delivered early in June. Q1's annualized growth came in at 3.9%, stunning analysts' expectations.
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Russia and China Best of Buddies

China and Russia stand to gain significantly from a prolonged partnership in modern global economic headwinds.


  • Nuclear icebreakers are putting Russia in command of Northern Sea trade.
  • US media beating the war drum over China’s military constructions in the South China Sea.
  • Russia and China cooperating to reduce its reliance on the Eurozone.
  • Low approval of US in Pakistan creates big opportunity for China in the Middle East.

Moscow and Beijing are strengthening their alliance as global tensions escalate, and new iterations of global coalitions take center stage.

Apparent currency wars and economic sparring have changed the political landscape in Europe and Eurasia; and both China and Russia are re-negotiating their multilateral quid-pro-quos for the long haul.

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Expect Chaos If The Fed Moves Quickly

The market sits in limbo waiting for direction from the Fed.

As markets await higher rates from the Fed, investors worry that equities and bonds may look extremely expensive relative to new rates.


  • Financials continue inside 1-month range, waiting for a better interest rate spread.
  • Key economists and investors warn that sudden changes could spark chaos in assets.
  • Stand-off between bulls and bears reaching "fever pitch" as bonds lose footing.

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Twitter Bungles Q1 Disappointments

TWTR plummets 19%+ in a reporting storm of poor results.

If you are long Twitter, I'm sorry. On the other hand, any company losing $6 billion in market capitalization in a few hours may be the buy of a lifetime - if you are a believer.


  • Twitter Q1 earnings report published an hour early - during market hours.
  • @TwitterIR "investigating the source of the leak".
  • Direct Response Advertising (DRA) challenges prompt acquisition of TellApart, Inc.
  • Decelerating ad engagement and disappointing strategic outcomes lead to epic sell-off.

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Over-Production, The Disease Affecting The Oil Industry

Global oversupply is responsible for a 50% drop in crude in the past year.

Production investments are being cut globally. Some of the hardest-hit countries are in Asia and the Pacific, where state-owned oil companies dominate the region and GDP.


  • Asian oil companies join the world in production cuts.
  • Crude prices make production investments unprofitable for oil companies globally; cuts made in droves.
  • PetroChina set to match Exxon Mobil's market capitalization again.
  • Malaysia hit hard by crude as the second-largest oil producer and consumer in Southeast Asia.
  • U.S. shale oil production expected to slow in 2015.

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