Russia and China Best of Buddies

China and Russia stand to gain significantly from a prolonged partnership in modern global economic headwinds.


  • Nuclear icebreakers are putting Russia in command of Northern Sea trade.
  • US media beating the war drum over China’s military constructions in the South China Sea.
  • Russia and China cooperating to reduce its reliance on the Eurozone.
  • Low approval of US in Pakistan creates big opportunity for China in the Middle East.

Moscow and Beijing are strengthening their alliance as global tensions escalate, and new iterations of global coalitions take center stage.

Apparent currency wars and economic sparring have changed the political landscape in Europe and Eurasia; and both China and Russia are re-negotiating their multilateral quid-pro-quos for the long haul.

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While The Economy Is Slowing, China Is Racing

Chinese stocks skyrocket despite an economic slowdown.

Despite weak economic data in China, something unexpected has been taking place in Shanghai since early 2015 - the Shanghai Composite Index (an index of all stocks traded on the Shanghai Stock Exchange) is already up 22.48%, year-to-date (Apr 7, 2015).

  • China's Premier Li Keqiang lowers growth rate to 7% because of "tigers in the road".
  • Outside the Shanghai Stock Exchange, retail investors are paying $1 to learn how to trade the Warren Buffett Way.
  • China is opening up its doors to foreign investment, and that's a very good thing for China.

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The Hairy Business Of GDP Growth

Analysts Say India's GDP Numbers Don't Add Up

Using a NEW method that pegs expansion, adjusted metrics show India (the 3rd largest economy in Asia) growing by 8.2% in Q3 2014 and 7.5% in Q4 2014.

  • India gets 2 years ahead of analysts GDP growth expectations.
  • New Delhi promises comprehensive reforms to sustain growth, but says, "there's no comparison between us and China".
  • China ponders new monetary policy to heal contracting economy.

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Bank of China and Julius Baer Report on HNWIs in China

China - the world's top-performing market in 2014!

2014 was a genuine mark of success for China's economy both in terms of capitalization and performance.

  • China stocks are top-performers, globally in 2014.
  • High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) in China are optimistic about economic growth, but their investment strategies may suggest a hesitation.
  • Shanghai Composite Index becomes world's second largest market for second time since 2011.
  • Bank of China (BoC) believes the "internationalization" of the renminbi (RMB) will lead to a reserve currency.

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HNW Individuals Seek Investment Vehicles in China

The Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect is open.

  • China opens 568 stocks to foreign investors, and eases trade between Hong Kong and mainland China.
  • Foreign investors and HNWIs to participate in China’s growth story.

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