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Due to increased regulatory focus, effective immediately we have removed our performance results from public access out of advice from our legal counsel.

See Performance Advertising: Why an RIA Firm Should Exercise Caution for a discussion on the reasons why we have taken this action.

Of course, for prospective investors, do contact us directly should you wish to discuss performance results.

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Fund Commentary (May 2014)

adaws eagle fund commentaryLast month's gains were negated due to May's disappointing "paper" loss of -12.95%.

What's interesting though is, the losses this month were only a paper loss, and due to the overbought nature of the S&P500, we are looking for a pull back to benefit our open positions.

All positions closed in May resulted in a profit. [Read more...]

Fund Commentary (Apr. 2014)

adaws eagle fund commentaryDue to position adjustments in previous months, Adaws Eagle Fund was able to produce a net return of 12.91% vs 0.62% for the S&P500.

Our performance this month has been solid, bringing us into positive territory for year-to-date returns. [Read more...]

Fund Commentary (Mar. 2014)

adaws eagle fund commentaryNet return for the month was 5.21% vs 0.69% for the S&P 500.

We've been a little more cautious this month due to the violent swings in the market. The most important aspect of trading is preserving capital, no matter what. Without capital, then the game is pretty much over.

Missed opportunities are far easier to live with than making big costly mistakes. [Read more...]

Fund Commentary (Feb. 2014)

adaws eagle fund commentaryIt was a rough month due to the relentless push higher, even though the economy is still in a very bad shape, and the elevated tensions between Russia and the Ukraine.

This month is predominantly a paper loss as many positions haven't yet been closed out. There is still some buffer of safety in current positions before any alert signals sound for them to be closed out. [Read more...]

Fund Commentary (Jan. 2014)

adaws eagle fund commentaryThe Fund's performance in January was down 2.46%, due to some positions heading into negative territory.

  • One old position was closed at a profit.
  • Six new positions were opened, of which one was closed for a profit, and the remainder five heading into February and March expiry dates.

Two of the new positions opened this month are merely for a hedge to balance our overall portfolio and reduce risk due to how violently the market can move thanks to our buddies at the Fed. [Read more...]

Fund Commentary (Dec. 2013)

adaws eagle fund commentaryDecember entailed a busy month trading, squeezing out a net return of 14.07%.

  • Two positions expired capturing their maximum profit potential.
  • Four positions were closed at a profit.
  • Four positions were closed for a small loss.
  • Five new positions opened, of which one expired capturing its maximum profit, two closed for a profit, and two remain open with a February expiry date.

[Read more...]

Looking Back on 2013

looking back 2013We ended 2013 on a high, generating a yearly net return of 32.16% (double that of the S&P 500 for the same period Apr-Dec).

It's been a good first year for Adaws Eagle Fund, garnering top-tier returns with tight controls on risk management.

January 2014 is already shaping up to be a good month, and we see 2014 as a year to further improve our operations and manage risk to reward returns for our investors. [Read more...]

Fund Commentary (Nov. 2013)

adaws eagle fund commentaryIt was a quiet month on the trading front. No new positions were opened, and existing positions were maintained without the need for any adjustments.

Whilst our monthly net return of -10.92% doesn't look too good on paper, this figure alone doesn't tell the whole picture. No positions were threatened or closed for a loss. In fact, this negative return will likely be reversed in December as we head into options expiry on the 21st.

[Read more...]