Fund Objectives

Fund objectives that closely tie in to the risk tolerance of investors.

One theme that rings out loud when speaking with new clients, is that they invariably seek investments focused on achieving a steady flow of income over capital appreciation.

Keeping this in mind, here are our key objectives.


absolute returns

Absolute Returns

Target absolute returns of 4%+ per quarter. Emphasis on absolute returns vs generating alpha (outperforming a market benchmark). We aim to deliver in both rising and falling markets.




Create a diversified portfolio. This is achieved by trading various ETFs and Indexes. The S&P500 Index for example consists of the 500 largest market capitalization companies listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ.


risk to reward

Risk to Reward

Generate returns in excess of those commensurate with the risk taken. Our focus is to generate high risk adjusted returns. Portfolios are constructed based upon risk profiles of a pre-trade what-if analysis.


all star team

All Star Team

A superior product all starts with the quality of the team employed. If you hire the most talented and capable team, then it shows in the fund's performance results and operations.


high liquidity

High Liquidity

Trade highly liquid positions allowing investors easy access to their funds. All positions can be converted into cash quickly and with minimal impact to the price received.